The following sections are included in our classes. The pictures that follow show each section:

1. Warm Up Exercises
A series of warm up exercises to begin with so that all students are ready for further training. Also, these exercises also improve power, strength and muscle flexibility.

2. Poomse
This is actually a kind of 'form' or 'pattern' which makes up of a number of actions and movements. The actions and movements include defending forms and attacking motions, e.g. punches and kickings.

3. Kicking / Punching
Practising all different kinds of kicking and punching techniques.

4. Self-defence
Start off with very simple actions to keep away from danger, followed by adaptable self-defence techniques.

5. Free-Sparring
Free-sparring is only for senior grade / level students. All free-sparring activities would be done with full sets of sparring equipment for protection which include head-gear, protector, shin guard, arm guard and supporter. All sparring is done according to the rules and regulations set by the World Taekwondo Federation.

6. Mental Development
Most important of all is the development of character and mental health. Through serious and tough practices, students can slowly build up their self-confidence and self-esteem. Together with the traditional Taekwondo spirit, discipline and will-power are gradually cultivated. Furthermore, group games are organized in order to train students' cooperation and team spirit.