Celebration of the 20th Anniversary,
16th December 2001
On December 16, 2001, Mok's Taekwondo Self-Defence Academy celebrated its 20th anniversary with exciting festivities. Representative students of the Academy from 20 adults' and children's Taekwondo classes around Hong Kong as well as a special delegation from the Academy's Sichuan branch in China participated in the daylong celebration.

The entire morning and afternoon of December 16 was filled with competitions in free sparring and Taekwondo patterns. In the evening, splendid performances of Taekwondo Dance, Knife Pattern and Self-Defence Sparring were put up by students of the Mok's Taekwondo Self-Defence Academy. Afterwards, trophies and medals were presented to the winners of the competitions while souvenirs were given to their opponents.

The celebration reached its pinnacle when Delegate of the World Taekwondo Federation presented Citation and the Korea Chung Do Kwan presented the 9th Dan Certificate to Grand Master Mok Hung Fai, the first Chinese entitled to this honour. Let's offer our congratulations on their success.

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